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The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur (Dutch Acupuncture Association) is well known for her high standards and an active attitude in serving the interests of her members. With a stable board and an easily accessible and service oriented office, NVA is an association you can rely on as an acupuncturist. Our motto is: you work in your practice with heart and soul, we take care of providing you with all information you need as a professional.

Service and information
Once you are a member you can find loads of information on the website area for members, every (other) week you will receive our digital Newsletter and four times a year our full color magazine Huang Ti, also digitally available. NVA offers a low-priced professional liability insurance for members. Our shop offers brochures, a professional nameplate with NVA-logo and more.

Acupuncturist, a free occupation

In the Netherlands the regular medical professions (as MD, physiotherapist, pharmacist, dentist, nurse etc.) are regulated by a law named BIG, (Beroepen Individuele Gezondheidszorg = professions individual healthcare).

The occupation of acupuncturist however is a so called 'free occupation', which means that anyone can claim to be an acupuncturist and treat patients with acupuncture.

Health insurances
Most patients however, want their treatment to be reimbursed by their health insurance. In the Netherlands, health insurance companies only reimburse treatments of acupuncturists who are a member of a professional association like the NVA. An additional insurance package on top of the basic one is required.

Basic medical education (MBK)
Since 01-01-2012 some health insurance companies require a specific basic medical education (MBK), if a therapist is not trained as a BIG-therapist. This
specific training must be accredited by CPION.
This training is also available in English.