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Application forms NVA membership

If you wish to become part of the professional NVA society, please fill in the application form for membership.
Please first read the requirements for membership if you have obtained your acupuncture/TCM and medical diploma outside the Netherlands, as well as our policy concerning command of the Dutch language. We offer opportunities to meet these requirements in the first three years of your membership. The NVA’s department of Education and Science will assess your medical and professional education and will advise you if necessary. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call the NVA-office.

Next steps
After approval of your application your name and address will be published on the members' website for the duration of a month. If no one objects against your membership application you will receive the 'Information Form Acupuncture Practice' and the 'Follow-up Application Practicing membership' to fill in.
At that stage we will also inform you about VOG and the (collective) Professional Liability Insurance.