Becoming a member

If you wish to become a part of the professional NVA society, we kindly invite you to fill in the application form for membership.
Please first read the requirements in case of a foreign acupuncture/TCM and medical diploma (i.e. not Dutch), as well as our policy concerning commanding the Dutch language. We offer opportunities to measure up to these requirements in the first three years of your membership. The Department of Education and Science will judge your medical and professional education and will advise you if necessary. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call the NVA-office.

Applicants with Dutch degrees

1. Medical education:
The NVA has specific demands for her candidate members as far as their basic
medical education is concerned. In general the required level is comparable with a regular medical education. Since April 2018 however admission with a basic medical education (MBK) of at least 40 ECTS is possible, with an obligation to follow a certain medical educational program during the first 3 years of membership, on top of the normal branch related days (6 in 3 years). 

2. Acupuncture education:
As far as the acupuncture education is concerned, a diploma of one of the six
NVA approved acupuncture schools in the Netherlands and Belgium is required for admission to the NVA membership.  List of accredited schools

Applicants with degrees from abroad

For people with degrees from abroad there are comparable rules for the required amount of education in Western Medical Knowledge, the required amount of Acupuncture training, the required amount of communicational skills (practitioner-patient communication) and language skills. Depending on the background of the applicant, one or more of these will probably be tested in an exam. These exams will be in English.

Validated certificates
Of all certificates, concerning both foreign basic medical education and acupuncture education, sworn translations in either Dutch or English should be enclosed. In case of a foreign nationality, a copy of the residence permit should also be enclosed.

1. Medical education:
Persons with foreign certificates concerning basic medical education should have their certificates validated by the IcDW (International Credential Evaluation (IDW) in the Netherlands. See

The department of Education and Science of the NVA (afdeling Onderwijs en Wetenschap (O&W)) will judge if the completed basic medical education meets the constituted requirements for membership (minimum level of bachelor degree).

2. Acupuncture education:
Candidates from abroad with a foreign acupuncture certificate should also have their certificates validated by IcDW. See

The department of Education and Science of the NVA will judge the certificates. They can approve the diploma with or without any additional demands, or give permission to participate in a regular acupuncture exam at an acupuncture college accredited by the NVA. Diplomas accredited by the BAAB (British Acupuncture Accreditation Board) are usually accepted.

Candidates with certificates or testimonials which are judged as being insufficient by the department of Education and Science of the NVA will be rejected for membership.

Language skills
If the candidate can prove sufficient skills in the English language (CEFR level B2), it is possible, but mandatory, to acquire the skills in Dutch language during the first three years in practice, after which an exam (NT2 level B2) will have to be taken. If there is no such proof, NVA membership can only start after the required exam in Dutch language has been passed successfully.

CEFR level B2: https://www.cambridgeenglish.o...

Dutch as a Foreign Language: