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Practical matters to arrange

Pending your NVA membership application there are practical matters to arrange. The NVA office will send you further information about the following.

1. Certificate of Conduct (VOG)
Being able to submit a Certificate of Conduct for Natural Persons (VOG NP) is a requirement for membership of NVA, in accordance with the Internal Regulations II.3.f. The VOG must be submitted to NVA not later than 2 months after the date of the VOG. This way, the admission procedure will not be delayed. Please note: if the government does not supply a VOG to you, or if you fail to submit the VOG within the prescribed period, your application for membership, or your membership will be cancelled. The NVA office will send you the required application form. For information on VOG, check

2. Professional and Business Liability Insurance for Acupuncture
In accordance with the Internal Regulations (chapter II, art. 3. g), as a practicing NVA member you are required to take out a professional liability insurance covering the consequences of (medical) errors or mishaps/accidents in your practice.

NVA has an attractive collective Professional and Business Liability insurance with the VvAA, available to practicing members. Activities in primary healthcare are covered as well. The NVA office will send you the policy conditions and an application form.

If you prefer to be insured elsewhere, or if you already have a professional liability insurance, NVA requires, in accordance with the Internal Regulations, a copy of your insurance, with your name and the insured profession (of acupuncturist) mentioned on the form.

3. Registration at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK)
When applying for your practice AGB code or codes you also need a certificate of registration at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). If you do not have a KVK subscription yet, and if you wish to start working as a practicing acupuncturist shortly, please arrange this as soon as possible. As an acupuncturist you select SBI (branch)-code 86.91.9. Only if you have an official Dutch registration as a MD you select SBI-code 86.21.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the NAW (name, address, city) details of the KVK must match the NAW details on your NVA practice information form. These details must also be the same on your invoices. You need to mention the KVK number on your stationary, invoices, website etc. as well.

4. Report at the Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd (IGJ) via CIBG
After registration at KVK each new healthcare provider is obliged to report at IGJ. In this way IGJ controls whether you are aware of and meet the rules and regulations in health care. After approval CIBG will send you proof of registration at the Landelijk Register Zorgaanbieders (LRZa). You need this proof to obtain an AGB-code

5. Applying for AGB codes from Vektis
In order to be reimbursed by the health insurance companies, you need two different types of codes from Vektis. An AGB code as an acupuncturist: the ‘personal’ code, and an AGB code for every practice where you work: the ‘practice code’. The NVA enters the AGB codes in their membership administration and forwards them through the KAB-koepel to the health insurance companies concerned. You don't need a contract with health insurance companies.

When applying for your personal code, Vektis requires your certificate of membership of the professional organization you have joined, as well as a registration at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK, see 3.) and at LRZa (see 4.)

As a therapist/acupuncturist you are in category code 90; if you are a medical doctor (according to the Dutch law)/acupuncturist the code is 84. If you use multiple complementary therapies in your practice, you only need one personal AGB code 90. Select your primary therapy as a subcode, for instance 9003 for acupuncture.