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Benefits and Requirements membership

Benefits of being NVA-member

  • representation of your interests by a highly professional organisation
  • professional office at your service, easily accessible by phone and email
  • reimbursement by health insurance companies, depending on insurance policy of the patient 
  • all information you need (e.g. about legal affairs) available on the website for members
  • ‘Starters Guide’ to help you start a practice
  • full-colour magazine Huang Ti four times a year (plus digital edition)
  • PR-materials available: leaflets about complaints, brochure, NVA shield, notepads, NVA office agenda, NVA-mug

Requirements for continuing membership

  • continuing professional education (TCM plus WM)
  • professional liability insurance (collectivity discount available)
  • certificate of good conduct (VOG)
  • regular practice inspection (for free)
  • complying with NVA Code of Practice

Required continuing education for full membership

  • 9 days in 3 years (6 days TCM/ professional subjects, 3 days medical education)