Member categories and membership fee

Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Chinese herbs, Tuina, Qi-gong and Tai-Qi

NVA-members can practice all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. What they all have in common is that they have been trained as an acupuncturist. Some have additionally specialized in Chinese Herbs, earacupuncture or Toyohari, some may add Tuina or Qi-excercises, some may use devices like laser or elektro-acupuncture.  According to the NVA Professional Standard the TCM-diagnosis is the basis of every treatment, whether performed with acupuncture, herbs, food, excercise or tuina.

Member categories

  • Practitioners membership: persons successfully graduated at an acupuncture/TCM institute recognised by NVA, medically trained at Bachelor level or basic level with extra medical training and practicing acupuncture (and other TCM-disciplines) in a professional setting, complying with the NVA code of Practice.
  • Special membership (non-practicing): persons with the same training as NVA-practitioners, but (temporarily) not practicing acupuncture or (temporarily) not meeting the required quality standards for practicing membership.
  • Aspirant (student) membership: persons studying at an acupuncture/TCM institute recognised by NVA or persons with an acupuncture diploma, studying for the required western medicine certificate. 
  • Senior membership (non-practicing): retired acupuncturists, still involved and interested in acupuncture and possibly active in supervising, teaching, research, writing.
  • Honorary membership: persons who made great contribution to NVA or TCM society in general.

Membership fee (per calendar year)

  • Practitioner: €495
  • Special member: €212
  • Aspirant (student) member: €80
  • Senior member: €80
  • Honorary member: free

Calendar year membership
Terminating your membership is only possible at the end of the calendar year.
It is possible though to change to another type of membership during the year.

As a member of NVA you automatically are a member of the Dutch umbrella organisation KAB-koepel, the European umbrella European TCM Association  (ETCMA). NVA is also a member of World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS), to stay informed about worldwide developments.